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Luis Alvarado, Managing Director

Luis Alvarado is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Greater Los Angeles (RNHALA). Luis Alvarado’s political career began with the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush campaigns.  Most recently he served as the Los Angeles Regional Chairman for the McCain/Palin Campaign.  Luis assisted the communication component of the McCain/Palin campaign as a surrogate speaker for both the English and Hispanic media and served as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention.

Luis is a native of Los Angeles, the eldest of five children of immigrant parents.  A product of the local public schools, he attended West Los Angeles College before transferring to California State University, Los Angeles to study Political Science.  Luis represented the 10th District on the Los Angeles Youth Advisory Council to the Mayor.  He served his country in the US Army Reserve 311 COSCOM.

Luis also held senior positions in Risk Management for Fortune 500 companies.  Luis went on to build his own insurance agency, Agents Commercial Insurance Services.   Luis currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Latin American Insurance Agents Association.